BiomarkerBase Actionable Biomarkers

Recent Data Updates Have Added

  • 108,659 new Clinically Validated Biomarker Indications
  • 143 new Targets
  • 3 new Diseases matched
  • 934 new Drugs
  • 14 new FDA Tests
  • 15,387 new Lab Developed Tests
  • 418 new Clinical Trials


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BiomarkerBase includes only those biomarkers tested in the clinic. We keep your focus where it needs to be: on the most well-validated and commercially viable opportunities.


Challenged by searching mulitple synonyms for your molecule of interest? BiomarkerBase unifies all of those synonyms into a single record to save your time.


Don't spend hours sifting through records in public databases. With BiomarkerBase, our intuitive interface allows you to survey the clinical biomarker landscape immediately.