Description 8-Hydroxy-14,16-hentriacontanedione is found in cereals and cereal products. 8-Hydroxy-14,16-hentriacontanedione is isolated from leaf-surface wax of wheat Triticum compactum var. Little Club 8-hydroxy-14,16-hentriacontanedione belongs to the family of Fatty Alcohols. These are aliphatic alcohols consisting of a chain of 8 to 22 carbon atoms (Do not have to bear a carboxylic acid group)[1]. (Reference: [1] Fatty Alcohols: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatty_alcohol).   Source
Synonyms 4'-Carboxyphenylmethanesulfonanilide; 4-((Benzylsulfonyl)amino)benzoic acid and 16 more synonyms used to describe this biomarker that Amplion uses in its algorithms.

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