About BiomarkerBase

BiomarkerBase is the complete knowledge base and alert service for clinical biomarkers.

Public sources of biomarker information have the potential to provide clear opportunities for product development and clinical trial planning. The problem is that these sources are challenging to utilize, due to their limited searchabilty, lack of common nomenclature, and lack of inter-connectivity.

We solve this problem by manually reviewing public sources that include information about biomarkers in clinical use, aggregating and annotating that information, and providing access to it through a clean and intuitive interface.

We also provide an alert service that sends you an email whenever a specific biomarker target or disease is used in a new test, drug label, or clinical trial.

This allows you to maintain a comprehensive understanding of the current clinical landscape for specific molecular targets and the diseases they help to characterize.

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BiomarkerBase Introduction

Take a look at our Introduction Presentation (2.2 MB PDF) to learn more about what information is included in BiomarkerBase, and how we collect and organize it.


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User Guide

BiomarkerBase 1-Page User Guide

Just getting started with your account or free trial? Have a look at the How to Use BiomarkerBase Guide (240 KB PDF) for some first places to explore.