Retinoyl b-glucuronide
Description Retinoyl beta-glucuronide is a naturally occurring, biologically active metabolite of vitamin A. Although retinoyl beta-glucuronide is regarded as a detoxification product of retinoic acid, it plays several roles in the functions of vitamin A. It can serve as a source of retinoic acid, and it may be a vehicle for transport of retinoic acid to target tissues. Topically applied retinoyl beta-glucuronide is comparable in efficacy to retinoic acid in the treatment of acne in humans, without the same side effects. Retinoyl beta-glucuronide may or may not be teratogenic, depending on the mode of administration and the species in which it is used. It may be a valuable therapeutic compound for the treatment of skin disorders and certain types of cancers.   Source
Synonyms 13-cis-Retinoate; 13-cis-Retinoic acid and 20 more synonyms used to describe this biomarker that Amplion uses in its algorithms.

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